How to Get Free Shipping Supplies from Post Offices

Do you know that you can get shipping supplies for free? And you can’t get them anywhere but at Post office. Yes, you didn’t mishear, post office provides a lot of shipping supplies for free. What do the free shipping supplies include? They include but are not limited to tape, boxes, bubble wrap, forms, custom individual or business labels, and so forth.

The free shipping supplies have been the top breakthrough brought on by the rise of the post offices. As you’ve known that commercial carriers will charge you for the shipping supplies even though you’ve been a loyal member for years. It will increase the overall cost significantly as you’re making a lot of numbers of shipping. But commercial courier provide a pickup service? You should know that post office already has reliable pick-up service, so post office remains the best.

So how you can get the free shipping supply from the post office?

  1. You can navigate to the Post Office store official website with your desktop or phone.
  2. Create an online account, choose the priority boxes or the flat rate
  3. Contact the operator then place an order
  4. You can get the bubble wrap, tape, boxes, custom labels based on your needs.
  5. Wait for the delivery of the supplies
  6. You can simply wrap your parcel and send it at Pacific Palisades post right away.

These shipping supplies are completely free, you can even use the pickup service by the time you have set previously. The post office has won the competition with those commercials. The services have been highly improved these years. You’ll soon find that post office always delivers your parcel in a piece. What can be better than free shipping supplies, affordable rates, and optimums post services? It’s time for you to go back to the Post Office and get the best post services in the country.